«I don't try to dance better than others. I try to dance better than myself» M.Baryshnikov
Personal trainings via Skype
  • Classes online with coach at a convenient time
  • Personalized trainings, divided by level of difficulty and goals. Focus on certain elements, depending on your wishes
  • Worldwide access
  • Minimum equipment. You will need a laptop / tablet / phone with good Internet connection; gym Mat; chair; soft ballet Slippers; swimsuit/sportswear; 2-3 meters of free space

Morning work-out with Homeballet


It has been developed a special course of lessons for better results and interesting approach, including different equipment, load level, study areas.

Lessons alternate on a classic ballet & ballet gymnastic / weight lesson with sport equipment.

Classic ballet lesson consists of warming up, 8-10 exercises "at the bench" and more than 5 exercises without support. For beginners, we will start with thebasis, gradually complicating and learning new poses, elements and exercises. For those who has dance experience, we will remember exercises with support, postures and exercises for ease, flexibility, coordination, practicing jumps and spins.

Classic lesson perfectly tightens the body, strengthens muscles, making the figure elegant and graceful.

The gymnastic ballet lesson is held on the gymnastics/yoga mat and includes exercises for flexibility, stretching, split lines, women strength exercises.

All lessons last one full hour (60 minutes)

Cost of personal lesson
20 €
Bonus: 2 video-trainings for free

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Anatomic gymnastics with kids
  • 60-minute class with exact and clear instructions
  • Correctly composed exercises develop right postures, which is especially important for girls before 9
  • Mix of classical exercises and game elements make happy time-spending for your child
20 €

I am Anna Mikheeva, 30 years old. I studied classical dance from early ages, having graduated from the school of arts in choreography. For a long time I danced with the ballet company and studied with ballet guru - teachers from The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, as well as in well-known dance-group “Todes”. Afterwards I taught ballet classes for kids.

My favorite teachers promote a love to dance art, and ballet became an integral part of my life. It's time, and I feel a great desire to share this love with you, dear friends!

Online-course foundation idea

After marriage and birth of children, as well as all young mothers, there was a huge lack of time to myself. To get to the ballet class and train, I had to spend three hours – unattainable luxury... but I wanted to maintain the flexibility of body, muscle strength and beauty of lines! Then I began to train at home and gradually developed my own system of lessons. They are based on three main components of ballet: the beauty of body, strength and grace. They harmoniously combine techniques from athletics, classical ballet and stretching, thanks to which you can build a slim and toned body with long beautiful muscles.

After first lessons appear, it became clear that it is possible to comprehend this beautiful art at home, you need only a great desire, perseverance and faith in your success! Thanks to ballet, you will acquire not only the body of your dreams, but also become stronger and definitely will have the same stick that will allow you to get out of any life situation with a straight back and a proudly raised head!

Homeballet philosophy

Close attention to details, poses, construction of arms/legs and torso, so that everyone, regardless to time or space framework could learn and touch to the stunning ballet art, master the grace and taste the lightnessthrough time-consuming.

It is not recommended to practice in front of the TV, in groups or in a hurry - it should be working with yourself. How else can you hear yourself if the brain is busy processing other information?! The perfect ingredient of the class: you , mirror, rug and that’s all. You're good together.

To understand how the legs or hands move, professionals do not need to look at themselves, they feel their body. To understand how to move legs-hands, lovers need to be sure to look at themselves from all sides, carefully studying body in motion. Try and you will see a lot of interesting things! That’s is true!


Lessons at your place and individual program creation

You want to dance ballet, but you don’t feel and don’t understand how, how you have to do, what exactly you should do for your wishes goals. Don’t worry! We will come (the service is possible only in Moscow and Moscow region), tell you how to do and what to do, show and spend together a full lesson. Afterwards we will send you the full program of dance lessons for a month. If you have any questions, we will answer them remotely and motivate you. Although the best motivator is You.

Cost of service 10 000 ₽

Dance staging

Do you want to make an unusual gift to your beloved? Is it interesting to learn different styles and try yourself in them? We will help you to come up with, learn and work out a dance in the ballet style (from classical to modern).Online training via Skype. The price includes the development of idea, music choice and 2 classes of 60 minutes.

Cost of service 7 000 ₽

Selection of dance ballet clothes / image

The theater begins with a hanger. Classes begin with appearance. We are happy to help you become beautiful, even in training! We will pick up, find and get any beautiful ballet / dance clothes and accessories; we will help with advice and tricks of choosing the right but beautiful image. We will send by courier to any city within the agreed time.

Cost of service 5 000 ₽ without cost of clothing

Ballet photo shoot

Beautiful, airy, individual-this is how we imagine beautiful ballet shots. We will help you organize your dream, take care of all the efforts to find the right place, photographer, costumes and images. We will tell you what poses look better and how best to beat the images.

Cost of service 40 000 ₽ 2 hours of shooting and 16 processed frames. The price includes rental of space, photographer service, 2 ballet images to choose from

«I had enjoyable private ballet classes with Annet, and the feedback and improvement points that she gave me were valuable. It is a pleasure to be taught be such a knowledgeable ballet dancer.»

Jennifer, 29, Belgium.

«I would like to thank you Anna, as I passed my exams of classical ballet. Everything was great! It was noticed, that my jumps became higher, my movements - more expressive. Thank you for improving my skills. Thank you for words, training, atmosphere.»

Maria, 23 years of old, Russia

«Annet was an amazing ballet teacher! This was one of the best things we did during our holidays! Learning not only the moves but also the background about what it takes to be a ballerina is truly fascinating»

Look video-review
Desirae, Singapore

«I have been practicing ballet via Skype with Anna for half a year. Lessons became part of my life- nowhere I can train at home, when it is comfortable for me, and the quality of lessons is amazing, like in best dance schools! It is a pleasure to look, how Anna shows, as she is a professional Ballet dancer. She explains well, patient and innovative. And also with good sense of humor, which also brings fresh details to working process. Highly recommended!»

Sonya, Spain

Since childhood, I love ballet and always wanted to be like a ballerina, and then, finally, I woke up the strength to realize my dream. Thanks to an absolutely magical accident, I met Anna, and now «ballet days» are my favorite. Anna immediately found an approach to me, and we began to understand each other perfectly. At the same time, she, being a professional in her field, makes you give your best, which certainly contributes to the disclosure of the potential of each. Now I can boast of my stretch and refined figure, like a ballerina, and all thanks to the class with Anna)

Maria, 16 years old, Moscow

«She says interesting! she likes classes! It is difficult to force her to do something that she does not want, immediately she is all bad — and her head hurts, and stomach and just sad…these concerts start)) she deals with pleasure and it is important, I don’t even need other results)» mother Milana

Milana , 8 years old, Ust-Kamensk

Ballet is multifaceted. ballet is about will, beauty and aspiration. ballet is about pain and overcoming, about pleasure. ballet is about passion and desire to be better. I came and found it all in homeballet!

Alice, 30 years old, Moscow